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Mark's Path

Mark has been exploring various healing modalities, meditation, consciousness, and spiritual practices since the early 1980’s. Always a seeker, he has explored group and individual practices. His journey started while living in Chicago and has continued since moving to the Atlanta area in 2002.


Each day begins with 15 to 60 minutes of meditation and mindfulness processes with his husband and often includes walking the labyrinth in their backyard.


He is a Certified Reflexologist, Energy Worker and Vibrational Sound Therapist.  In 2020 he sold a successful business in the financial world to follow a deeper calling; helping others to remember who they are at a deeper level so they feel the love and light that radiates from their inner being, and bringing more balance and peace into the world.

He became certified with The American Reflexology Certification Board in January 2021 and completed a 15 month Sound Apprenticeship program March 2021.

Mark has always been a connector and helps people pursue their dreams and higher calling. He looks forward to meeting you and sharing space together.

Forest Trees
Buddhist Singing Bowl
Buddhist Singing Bowl

Our Approach

Mark’s approach is simple. One day he realized he is a unique aspect of Divinity, bringing his own unique gift to the planet that no one else on the planet is bringing. All he had to do is show up, be aware of who is ready to receive his gift, and then share it with them. He also realized you are a Unique aspect of Divinity, bringing your unique gift to the planet that no one else on the planet is bringing. As each of us returns to a deeper knowingness of our Divinity and the unique gifts that we are bringing, all we each have to do is share our gifts with others.


Mark’s intention is to open a safe space for you to explore. For you to remember, at a deeper level, your unique gift so that you can be more grounded, more balanced and more peaceful. In this deeper knowingness, you can more easily share your unique gift and have more joy and peace in your life.


Mark holds this intention, this space, as he offers any of his events and services. As you work with him, you’ll get a sense of whether you want to receive only reflexology, only sound, only Reiki, or a combination of them. As you and he share space together, he’ll be intuitively guided to share these energies with you.

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