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Any feeling, Fully Felt, Always turns to Bliss

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

One of my spiritual teachers, Sri Amma Baghavan, says that any feeling, Fully Felt, Always turns to Bliss. At first this didn't make sense to me. But the more I move along my path, the more I'm experiencing and feeling emotions at both ends of the judgmental spectrum, and feeling them fully.

Another one of my teachers, David Ault, demonstrated how our feelings are moving in cycles. The feelings we judge good are fully felt and then we come back to neutral and can experience something else. The feelings we judge bad are never fully felt so we keep repeating them and get stuck in them. W e don't like them yet we get ourselves stuck in them.

I see that I often hold my breath when I'm experiencing something I don't like, something I'm judging negatively. Holding the breath locks them into my energy field, into my body, for them to appear at a later time.

If I continue to breathe deeply through the emotions and feelings, whether I'm judging them positively OR negatively, they run their full cycle. They are fully felt and I come back to neutral. I actually feel lighter. I actually feel clearer. I actually feel more energized. I actually feel more alive.

The more I can stay in the default viewpoint that a feeling is a feeling, an emotion is an emotion, the less I get attached to whether I'm judging them as good or bad, as negative or positive. They are feelings. They are emotions. I'm moving beyond the intellectual concept that I did choose to be here on earth at this time to feel ALL of it. I chose to be here to help integrate all of the experiences we are having at this time.

Sometimes it's not fun because the judge comes back and says it's bad. But I really don't have an idea of the bigger picture, the bigger spiritual picture.

There are also times when I feel like there are the same old stories running in my head, even though I feel I've used every spiritual process I know to clear them. And then I get a reminder that the more we move through these emotions, the more we expand and bump into similar emotions in mass consciousness. I'm getting the opportunity to clear these emotions, ideas and feelings in the consciousness of the planet which creates a clearer space for all of us.

This is another reason why I love helping clients move through their stuck emotions with Vibrational Sound Therapy. Tuning forks are a wonderful way to open a space for these stuck emotions to be released. I often guide clients to breathe deeply as the sound waves are moving into their energy fields. Using weighted forks placed on the body allows the vibrations to move into the stuck energy like giggle bubbles jiggling those energies awake and allowing them to be fully felt and released.

Giggle Bubbles.

Go ahead. Take that image and breathe it in deeply the next time you feel stuck in an emotion. You're actually breathing in Giggle Bubbles to help you fully feel that emotion so it can easily move through you and through your energy fields.

Yes. Giggle Bubbles.

Ah. Then I follow my own idea to . . .



Be Aware.

Not judgement. No attachment. Just Breathe. Allow. Be Aware.

And return to the present moment. Feel yourself Balancing To Peace.

Please share your ideas and leave a comment. I love to hear from you.

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