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Living in this body, especially with a chatty mind, isn't always easy.

The title sums it up. Living through the pandemic, and now coming out of it, hasn't always been easy. My brain tends to spin out of control. I know what I want to do and in the morning I have clarity and focus and list all of the items I want to get done that day. And then the day happens and before I know it, I'm distracted. The newspaper. Online news. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. And a plethora of other distractions. All of a sudden 4 hours have passed. Even though I start the day with meditation and doing all the right stuff to begin my day, it seems the distractions come up . . . and I'm down the rabbit hole or chasing the squirrel.

Then I hear a gentle voice in my head or feel the nudge of Spirit.


And I'm reminded again.

Breathe. Allow.

And I'm reminded again.

Breathe. Allow. Be Aware.

Allow myself to have an even deeper feeling of self compassion.

Breathe again. And allow that self compassion to grow even deeper.

Breathe. Feel the light of Spirit coming down through my head and into my heart. Exhale that light, love and compassion into every cell of my being. Exhale that light, love and compassion out into the world, for others to feel it.

But I should be doing something else. I should be doing something more important. What's the highest priority task for me to complete? Or even better . . . what's the highest priority task that should have been completed already, like weeks ago?

And I Breathe. I relax. I breathe.

My mind is a funny thing. It tells me I already have the tools to stay calm and then it spins out of control. It even confirms what Spirit has guided me to do . . . and then it spins out of control again. It presents opportunities for me to follow . . . and then again, it spins out of control giving me an opportunity to distract myself again.

As I'm writing this I smile and chuckle at myself. But in the moment I feel like I'm sinking in quick sand. I feel out of control. I feel so helpless to the mind spinning and spinning and spinning.

And I breathe. I allow. I am aware.

I keep hearing . . . Breathe. Allow. Be Aware.

Be aware of where I'm choosing to place my attention.

Be aware of the years of training I've been through and the skills I've already developed. Skills of choosing to distract myself or focus on what's important in that moment. Skills to discern when to take action and when stillness, silence and rest are the most important actions to take in that moment.

Be aware of the loving friends and family who share their hearts with me and who are supporting me on my journey.

Be aware of the spark and light in my own heart that flows love, light, compassion and peace for myself and reminds me that I have an infinite supply of each of these to share with others.

Be aware of the people who are in my soul circle who could benefit from a little energetic love, light, compassion and peace.

And I smile. I know that in this moment, all is well.

There's only one life.

That life is god's life.

That life is perfect.

That life is my life now.

And so it is!

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