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Our Energy Bodies and Tuning Fork Energies

I saw this image and thought, "Wow! This is how I've been experiencing myself more deeply lately."

Most sessions start with using Tuning Forks to ground our energy bodies. Bring some peace and balance. I believe it was Eileen McCusick's information that talks about grounding our energy bodies into a battery charger, similar to a rechargable battery being placed into the charger. Many of us know about the 7 main chakras that are discussed in the west. Then my husband located a philosophy that talks about 22 chakras. I'll take it to 9 at this time.

As I currently see and feel it, the Earth Star chakra is located 6 to 18 inches below the feet. The Sun Star chakra is located 6 to 18 inches above the head. I use an unweighed fork and guide you into breathing through these chakras. We start with Earth Star and moving the breath into Mother Earth. Inhaling from Mother Earth and letting go of anything that no longer serves you and exhaling that energy into Mother Earth. She can recycle anything. The freedom of inhaling that bright white light into our bodies and into every cell of our bodies.

When the Earth Star chakra feels grounded and complete, we move into the Sun Star chakra and breathing through it to connect with Father Sky. Breathing in from Father Sky, being aware of what you notice and letting go and releasing anything that no longer serves you. Exhaling those energies into Father Sky, to be recycled into pure light.

Even in a short 15 minute session when we just grounded these two chakras, I had a client experience a deep release. She became aware of an experience that had been blocked from her memory. The energies of the tuning forks opened a safe space for this to be revealed, and then released. A sigh. A deep breath. More peace. More Balancing To Peace.

Ah. The energy field experiences continue to grow and deepen.

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