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Virtual Reflexology Experience

The more I work with clients and continue to do my own spiritual work, the more I'm experiencing our Oneness. The whole idea of a Virtual Reflexology session made no sense to me when I first thought of it. How could I offer a viritual reflexology session? I must have clients' feet in my hands. How can it work? Could I use someone as a surrogate to transmit the energies?

Then I started hearing other certified reflexologists talk about their experiences with virtual sessions. One of them shared how they use mannequin hands and feet to offer sessions. So I bought the hands and feet and still delayed sessions.

A couple of weeks ago I received my first virtual session and was amazed how quickly I went into "the zone" as if her hands were physically on my feet. I felt sensations move through my body. I felt energies move in and around my body. I relaxed and fell asleep, just like during a hands on session. When I gave her a session a few days later, she experienced a relaxing and productive session. I could feel her energies and intuitively knew where to place my hands and how to proceed, just like when I have my physical hands on someone's feet.

Today was another session that I offered to someone who is visual and sees colors. She was feeling sensations and seeing colors in the areas of her body where I was working the reflexes. I didn't ask. She would say "I'm seeing such and such of a color in this area of my body." and it would be the reflex area that I was currently working or about to work.

Energy is Energy.

Intention is powerful.

When Intention is placed on opening a space for someone to relax and allow their body to return to balance and homeostasis, virtual sessions are just as powerful as hands on, in person sessions. That could be sound baths or one on one sound sessions and even reflexology sessions.

If you'd like to explore this with me, send me a note. We could even do a shorter 15 minute or 30 minute session if you're not quite ready to jump into a full 60 minute session. A 15 minute virtual sound session a couple of months ago was very powerful for a woman who hadn't experienced a one on one sound session before.

As always, take a deep breath . . . and listen to your innate. Listen to your heart. Listen to your inner knowing. You already have your own answers inside. Allow the power of sound and reflexology to deepen your connection to your own inner knowing, balance and peace.

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