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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Here I am, starting a new blog on the relaunched website. So happy to be sharing this with you here. If you have ideas and comments to share, please do so. Send me a note. Call me. Let's talk and share ideas. We grow by sharing ideas, even differing ones.

My intention for the site, and the blog, is to open a space for us to explore and remember at a deeper level, that we are all source beings, Light Beings, that have their own answers already inside of them. We may have layers of limiting beliefs that we've acquired over the years that are keeping us from truly experiencing ourselves as these powerful souls, and they can be released.

The power of sound, your own voice, the relaxation offered through reflexology, humming, singing bowls and your intent, are all options and pathways for allowing our lights to shine more brightly every day. I feel the more balance we have in our lives, the more peace we have in our hearts that can be experienced by ourselves and others.

Balancing . . . To . . . Peace.

Allowing for more compassion and love for ourselves . . . that then naturally expands and flows to others.

Enjoy the site and come back often. I'll be adding more info and resources as I continue to learn and expand. And if your heart is drawing you to book a session with me, send me a note. Both reflexology and vibrational sound sessions can be done in person and virtually.

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