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Oneness is Not Sameness

In today's Deeksha Initiation with Krishnaji through Ekam we were reminded that Oneness is Not Sameness. I interpret this to be us being willing to listen to other viewpoints without giving up our own beliefs and experiences and also without trying to convince others that our viewpoints are right and the only way.

Imagine a world where we can have open dialogue and live together in the richness of differing viewpoints.

Imagine a world where we can each have our own ideas and experiences and live together in harmony and peace.

Imagine a world of curiosity, genuine curiosity, when we are listening to others to hear them and understand them and be interested in their viewpoints, ideas and experiences that have made them into who they are today.


Imagine Oneness.

Imagine Harmony.

Imagine Balance.

Imagine Peace.

Imagine a world as we are all

Balancing To Peace . . .

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